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The emotions of Verona

Visiting Verona means taking a journey infused with endless historical nuances that embrace the Roman Age and the Early Middle Ages, the glories of the Republic of Venice and Renaissance but also much, much more.

Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000 thanks to its huge artistic and cultural heritage, every year the city of Verona attracts millions of visitors from all the world for its majestic Arena (one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world, since 1913 illustrious seat of the Arena Opera Festival), its elegant squares – including first of all Piazze delle Erbe, Piazza Bra and Piazza dei Signori –, and noble palaces, like its imposing Castelvecchio, symbol of the Scaliger dominion, the Roman Theatre alongside the Adige river, since 1948 hosting the “Estate teatrale veronese” festival, and Teatro Nuovo, founded in 1846 , one of the most famous Italian theaters, whose terrace directly overlooks the Balcone di Giulietta. Last but not least, the romantic legendary reputation of Verona, that links its name to that of Romeo and Juliet, making it the city of love by definition.

A stay in town is a precious opportunity to extend your visit to other nearby art cities, like Venice, Padua and Vicenza, and also to discover the surroundings of Verona, among nature, hills, villages and outdoor activities.

Wine enthusiasts cannot miss the opportunity to explore Soave, just a few kilometers from the city, recognized with the “Bandiera Arancione” by the Touring Club Italiano, where appreciated wines are produced, and most notably Valipollicella a wine region famous for Amarone, Recioto, Valpolicella Classico and Ripasso. It is a very short step from Verona to Lake Garda: here await stunning villages like Malcesine, Lazise and Bardolino, the hiking area of Monte Baldo, several amusement parks, thermal baths and many cycling routes that flank the lake and connect Verona to Mantua and beyond.

People interested in sports and nature cannot miss to explore the Lessinia plateau, in the Vicentine Alps, where hiking paths leading to mountain cottages with stunning views, impressive old local rock formations and thrilling mountain-bike trails lie.

Want to make sure not to miss the best of Verona? Want to know tasty and fun facts on the amazing city of love? Food Walk, a free web app, was created right for this: it offers four engaging itineraries ranging between history and culture at the same time recalling old food traditions.

So, there is the itinerary dedicated to the “painted city”, that focuses on Verona’s rich pictorial heritage, another itinerary that delves into the city’s artistic and cultural treasures, an itinerary that unveils legends and real stories, and that dedicated to the crimes of the city, which tells about the crimes that caused bloodshed in Verona over its history.